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Dear Dr. Harbuck,

I pray this letter finds you well and blessed. It has been sometime since I have written and I wanted you to know that I remain greatly appreciative for the education I received from ECUA. Though I remain incarcerated, the credentials to include my education have opened a number of doors for me. I am very active in the community and have taken part in so many projects geared toward improving the lives of others. I am currently ordained as an Elder overseeing the church here.

God bless you and keep you, 

Bro. Orlando


Pastor Jim Hatcher was a graduate of Evangel Christian. Also his son, who penned this, has done web work for Evangel in times past, a wonderful young man, husband and father himself. Thank you, Jimmy, for sharing!

Reflecting on my dad on his 69th Birthday:

It would be fantasy to say that he possessed any kind of magic—a shining, shimmering gift that mere mortals had not the power to wield. And, it would be naïve to assert that he achieved perfection at any point in his lifetime. But, my father was a rarity, and no one will ever convince me differently.

It has been over ten years since my dad passed from this life. Over those years, the memories I have of him have diminished in detail: facial expressions, the exact shape and texture of his hands, his distinct turns of phrase, the little minutiae that give definition to his living, breathing persona. Upon reflection, however, I don’t mourn the loss of these sensory recollections nearly as much as I mourn the emotional security he bestowed on me. When he was here on this earth, I felt as though there were a protective covering swaddled around me. I had the sure knowledge that if I needed him, he would go to the wildest extreme to be there for me. That feeling was established in me by the gentle reinforcement and consistent support that he directed at me in the twenty-four years we had together.

When I was 11 or 12, I was involved in a scouting organization with my church, similar to the Boy Scouts. My father was one of the leaders of our “outpost,” and when he learned that I was interested in competing for the district excellence-in-scouting competition, my dad did an amazing thing: he took a week off of work and he took me to a cabin, and we went through the scouting manual cover-to-cover. We learned about building fires and tying knots and what kinds of snakes were poisonous and how to navigate through the woods with a compass. It was an amazing week for a young boy. I competed in that competition and won, and when I attended the awards banquet and received the trophy, I was proud to bring it back to the table to share with my dad.

I remember another occasion in the eighth grade when I had told my dad that I was expecting to win an award at school. I came home from that awards ceremony empty-handed and disappointed. When my dad found out, he announced that we were going to dinner, and after the main course, he produced a trophy that he had bought that afternoon. It was inscribed, “To my son who makes me proud.”

I think to sum up what my dad gave me was an identity. I was not a person that lived in his home. I was not someone conveniently placed in his familial order to complete chores and carry out his bidding. I was his precious son.

For the first few years after his passing, I wallowed in the pain that came with losing him and that feeling of covering. I ached inside. I railed at God for taking him and for leaving me to fend for myself without him. But, as time passed and my heart and emotions healed from being rent from my father, I realized that the degree of pain I experienced was testament to the incredible bond that we had built.

I consider myself extremely privileged to have been raised by such a man. He gave me his name. He taught me life lessons. He gave me security. He gave me confidence. He gave me an identity. He called me “Son,” and I was proud to call him “Dad.”


Evangel Christian University of America—Past, Present & Future…

by Dr. Dee Nance

For 40 years, Evangel Christian University has made global impact through our affiliations in South Korea, Fiji Islands, Nigeria, Liberia, Indonesia, SAF, Zambia, Kenya and Benin. In a time when schools are sterile and impersonal, Evangel remains one that operates with a “personal touch” in the lives of people all across the world, as well as on the home front in the US and Canada. 

Whether you desire a degree or want to only take a few individual courses for personal knowledge and satisfaction, Evangel has something for everyone. We offer degrees in several fields—from the associate level to the doctorate through standard textbook programs. Or you may be a seasoned minister, possibly qualifying for our degree(s) by testing. 

Evangel Christian’s accreditation is through Transworld Accrediting Commission Int’l, with Dr. Stephen T. Anderson, at the helm.  He purports that “our sound biblical approach continues to impact those in the educational realm and that internationally renown leaders have recognized that TAC has remained a trendsetter for over 25 years.  It is for this reason that they have introduced so many fine institutions to our commission.”  Also, congratulations are in order to Dr. Mark Rutland, the new President of Oral Roberts University.  Dr. Rutland, the president of Southeastern University in Florida, was chosen to succeed former ORU leader Richard Roberts. He earned his PhD from the California Graduate School of Theology, also a member of TAC.

Evangel’s programs are affordable nontraditional education designed to fit your lifestyle. Distance education offers the best of education and applies it to your situation. Work at your own pace from your own place. There is no need to quit your job, no need to move. For more information, check out our site at: www. or call our office at 1.855.796.7111 or 1.318.343.9006 for a free info packet.



To: The Administration

Evangel Christian University of America

Dear Family,

I write to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to God Almighty for the opportunity given me so far since I graduated from the Evangel Christian University distance education program in Liberia. I completed the Christian Counseling program and graduated with a bachelor degree.

Since my graduation, I have worked with both National and International Organizations in Liberia/West Africa and served in top positions. I am now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church of Liberia.

Therefore, I am grateful to Jesus Christ for allowing me to graduate from this prestigious university. With all records, I am proud to be called ECUA graduate.

May God continue to bless you all.






 "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

II Timothy 2:15 KJV