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Undergraduate Programs


School of Undergraduate Studies

The School of Undergraduate Studies offers two degree programs:  The Associate of Arts in Bible (A.A.B.) and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

 Associate of Arts Program in Bible (A.A.B.)

This program has been resurrected and revised from the old Associate of Arts degree. It has been re-implemented to meet the need of the casual student wishing to obtain or reacquire a basic grasp of Bible principles.

Unlike other ECUA programs, you can take any number of courses you desire when you desire. You pay only for the number of credits you take. Completion of all the courses earns you the associate's degree. The coursework can then be applied to the B.A. program.

Required Credits

This program offers 60 credits in Bible.  this program does not allow for transfer or life experience credits.  Students wishing to transfer credits orobtain LE credits should apply to the B.A. program instead.


Tuition for each course in this program is $40 per credit. Each course is 4 credits, thus each course costs $160.  You can pay for each course separately or all at one time.

Bachelor of Arts Program (B.A.)

Required Credits

This program requires 120 credits. Credits may be transferred in or life experience may be credited to lower the program requirements.


Tuition for this program is $40 per credit. The cost for the full program is $4,800. Transferred or life experience credits may lower tuition costs. You pay only for the credit you take at ECUA. A minimum of 18 ECUA credits is required to be eligible for a degree.

Core Curriculum

For the Bachelor of Arts program, students make up 3/4 of their course requirement by taking the core curriculum below. The remaining credits are taken from elective courses.



BI 100 Synoptic Gospels - 4

GE 100 English Comp - 6

MN 103 Tithing - 4

BI 120 Pentateuch I - 4

BI 121 Pentateuch II - 4

BI 130 Historical Books - 4

TH 200 Christology - 4

MN 201 Evangelism - 4

MN 202 Biblical Leadership - 4

BI 203 Acts - 4

BI 205 James - 4

BI 208 Ephesians - 4

BI 210 John - 4

BI 212 Isaiah-Jeremiah - 4

BI 215 Romans - 4

BI 230 Revelation - 4

BI 250 Psalms - 4

HI 300 Church History - 4

BI 300 Hermeneutics - 4

TH 300 Systematic Theology I - 4

TH 301 Systematic Theology II - 4

MN 320 Apologetics - 4



ED 400 Creative Education - 5E

BL 401 Greek Intro - 5E

BI 405 Bible Manners & Customs - 5E

BI 410 Gospel of John - 5E

CC 420 Self-Identity Mgt - 5E

BI 430 Eschatology - 5E

BL 450 Hebrew Intro - 5E

MN 450 Pastoral Services - 5E

CC 500 Foundations of Christian Counseling - 5E

CC 510 Christian Counseling Methods - 5E




 "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

II Timothy 2:15 KJV